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Meet  Jillian

My first exposure to other places and times was through literature.  I loved reading about and being transported to London, Paris, Scotland, Ireland, Budapest, and even Concord, MA (right near my hometown).  As I grew up some of those places changed, but what never changed was the passion to explore new perspectives and points of view.  I'm passionate about gathering experiences and reflecting on them, and I know how each and every experience we have changes us and the story of our lives. As a custom itinerary specialist I am committed to helping each of my clients create the story you want for your vacation. If you want to delve into your family history by visiting where your family is from, change your current story by exploring someplace new, or simply a new experience in a favorite destination, I am here to help create the best experience for you - for YOUR ideal trip - every time.

Founder and Custom Itinerary Specialist

Fast Facts

I grew up in New England. I love to explore other places, but I'm a New England girl at heart.
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Meet  Victoria

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If you looked up Sagittarius in the dictionary, I’m pretty sure my picture would be right there. In true fashion of my zodiac sign, I have always loved to travel. Growing up in New England meant weekends spent picking blueberries in Maine, kayaking next to a moose in New Hampshire, whale watching off of Cape Cod, and enjoying the gifts each change of season brings. As I matured, I cast my net of travel beyond my home shores and out into the world. The more places I went, the more I wanted to explore. There’s a certain type of magic that is created when experiencing all new senses in a beautiful, new-to-you place. I look forward to helping your travel experience have the same wonder and joy!

Travel Administrator

With a travel advisor you have an industry expert on your side - whose number one job is to look out for YOU and your needs.

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