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A Few Favorites

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the most visited country of Central America, and a truly incredible destination for families and couples. Known for its national parks, commitment to environmentalism, and gorgeous nature, tourists can enjoying the hanging bridges in the Cloud Forest, zip lining through the rainforest, and river rafting, canyoning, and cave tubing in its waters. Animal lovers will get to see sloths, macaws, red eyed tree frogs, and much more.


Atmospheric Scotland is a land of castles, clans, and fairies. From Edinburgh to the Highlands you'll experience sweeping  vistas - from lush glens and moors to the jagged coastlines often shrouded in mist. Tour distilleries, hear the sound of bagpipes, and go where the rolling lowlands meet the lochs. 


Iceland is a country of contrasts - black sand beaches, almost unreal lush greenery, cascading waterfalls, massive glaciers floating in the ocean, basalt rock columns rising from the sea, and light shows in the sky that defied explanation for generations. All of this encompassed on an island smaller than the size of Colorado. From its geothermal features to the ocean waves crashing against glaciers on its black sand beaches - this island is alive - and you feel it the moment you land. During your journey you can descend inside a volcano, take in enormous waterfalls, and connect to nature as you never have before. For the animal lovers - the puffins, whales off the coast, and Icelandic horses are can't miss as well - and this is just the beginning!

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From iconic cityscapes of Roman ruins and Venetian canals to rolling Tuscan hills and Mediterranean villages, Italy offers diverse experiences for visitors to explore. Whether you come to Italy for the art, food, or history, Italy captures your heart. Indulge in mouthwatering cuisine, sip world-class wines, and lose yourself amongst some of the most acclaimed art in the world. Whether you're seeking an Amalfi Coast getaway or exploration of the Tuscan countryside, Italy has something for everyone. 


The Emerald Isle is known for its lush green landscapes overlooking the ocean, quaint villages sure to capture your heart, and rich Celtic history with ruins and castles throughout the land. Tap into tradition when listening to Irish music or watching famous dance styles like Irish step dancing. Explore neighborhoods like Dingle where live, local music is always playing from a pub and gorgeous views of the rugged coastline are at every turn. Or spend time in Killarney exploring inland with spectacular views of Killarney National Park and the scenic Ross Castle. With an unmatched welcoming atmosphere, wherever you are in Ireland, you’ll find yourself at home when you sit down with hand-crafted whiskey or beer and a chat with the locals.

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